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Established in 2013, World Pacific Aviation (WPA) stands at the forefront of the aviation industry as a premier supplier of aircraft parts and provider of repair modification services. We specialize in the distribution of new, rotable, and expendable aircraft components, catering to a diverse range of commercial and private aircraft operators. Our inventory comprises FAA 8130/EASA certified parts meticulously traced back to reputable airlines or OEMs, earning the trust of major domestic and international operators worldwide. With FAA 00-56B quality accreditation and TAC 2000 certification, we uphold the highest standards of quality assurance. Our dedicated AOG teams are available 24/7, ensuring swift assistance for operators, MROs, OEMs, and re-sellers alike. Boasting a comprehensive inventory of over 500,000 parts, we guarantee seamless service 365 days a year. Beyond parts distribution, our comprehensive suite of services includes consignment sales, surplus inventory management, power-by-the-hour programs, repair management, and round-the-clock Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Support.

We are dedicated to surpassing both customer expectations and industry regulatory standards with our products. Our robust Quality Management System undergoes rigorous audits by OEMs, industry regulators, and external organizations to ensure excellence. Having forged successful consignment agreements with major airlines worldwide, we demonstrate our commitment to reliability and trust.

Utilizing our extensive expertise in aircraft recovery operations, we leverage a global network of engineering teams to facilitate remote recoveries that were once deemed prohibitively expensive, now made feasible at an affordable cost. Our comprehensive consulting services encompass center of gravity management, structural integrity analysis, interim integrity restoration, and seamless coordination with local resources and authorities for lifting and movement.


We pride ourselves on being an integral part of your team, excelling under pressure and actively working to alleviate operational challenges by delivering the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. Contact our dedicated customer service teams anytime, day or night, for round-the-clock support via phone or email.



World Pacific Aviation sets the benchmark in our dedication to serving our customers. We take great pride in the enduring relationships we've cultivated over the years through this commitment. As an integral part of our comprehensive program, we provide the following services:


  • Parts Sales: Comprehensive inventory of aircraft parts for sale.

  • Excess/Surplus Package Inventory Marketing: Strategic marketing of excess and surplus inventory packages.

  • Total Care Support: Comprehensive support for consumables and expendables.

  • Power by the Hour: Flexible repair component programs tailored to your needs.

  • Operations Coordination: Efficient coordination of all operational aspects.

  • Aircraft Recovery: Expert services for aircraft recovery operations.

  • Aircraft Evaluation: Thorough analysis of aircraft structures and systems.

  • On-site Aircraft Evaluation: Convenient on-site evaluations for swift assessments.

  • Aircraft Modifications and Cargo Conversions: Professional services for aircraft modifications and cargo conversions.


Core Products 

Flight Surfaces – Flaps, Vanes, Ailerons, Spoilers, Wing Tips, Slats, Tabs, Elevators, & Rudders 

Nacelles – Inlets Cowls, Thrust Reversers, Translating Sleeves, Fan Cowls, Exhaust Nozzles & Plugs Misc. 

Airframe – Doors (Landing Gear, Entry, & Access), Panels, Fairings, Leading Edges & Tail-cones

Inerior Airframe - Avionics, Actuations, Hydraulics, PAX and other Electrical Rotables.

Rotables - Refurbished rotable spare parts for Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Consignment Management Services

Throughout the entire product cycle, our adept sales and marketing teams meticulously manage your inventory, ensuring prominent visibility for your consigned items among our extensive network of over 100 airline and MRO partners, with whom we collaborate daily. Furthermore, your stock will enjoy heightened exposure through various web-based portals, reaching numerous customers worldwide. We assure you of the highest asset resale returns.


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